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Q: Who Can Play Hall of Fame Flag?

A: Our program is open to boys and girls, K-5th grade for Flag and from 6th-8th grade for 7-on-7 Passing League.  We are an inclusive organization that encourages kid's of all abilities and skill level to join in the FUN!  If you have any hesitation if this is right for you or your young athlete(s), contact us and let's discuss it together.

Q: How many players are on a team?

A: Most teams have a maximum of 10 players for Flag and 12 players for Passing League- 7v7.

Q: How are  Teams organized?

A: We use a variety of metrics to organize the teams. Factors such as grade level, city, school, friend requests and more all go into the mix. It works out and the kids have a great time.  At worst, they meet new kids and expand their friend network.  

Q: Can special requests  to be on a team with friends honored or Team sign up requests?

YES and we offer the ability to sign up as a "TEAM".  If you have a group from another sport or another flag league and you'd like to stay together and see what Hall of Fame Flag has to offer, email us at [email protected] for information on how to sign up. We will try to accommodate requests where we can, but we have a proven process for forming teams, and have the best interest of the player as a top priority in all of our decisions.

Q: How much playing time can my child expect?

A: We are strong believers in the "everyone plays" concept.  Our staff and coaches will promote fair playing time and FUNdamentals. Coaches are required to justly allocate playing time equally among all players on the team. We will do our best to ensure this happens!

Q: How competitive is Hall of Fame Flag Football?

Competition is good and our challenge to the kids is to learn, do their best, make friends and have fun. This is a non-contact, non-competitive, recreational league--meaning, we aren't like a travel team..we are a community program that will focus on the value of the experiences gained from overcoming challenges, winning, losing, and more. The kids will learn, understand and improve skills, and to build camaraderie.  We are focused on building character and instilling values that can be used both on and off the field.

Q: Do you offer Scholarships?

A: Yes, we have need based scholarships.  Our goal is to allow anyone who wants to play the opportunity to do so.  To request consideration please email us at [email protected] for information.

Q: Who are your coaches?

A: Moms, Dads, Aunts or Uncles, even Grandparents can coach in our program.  You only need some patience, a bit of organization (herding) skills and the desire to have fun teaching youth participants.  We will always have an on-site Administrator and staff at each location, each day at our games and events.  Coaches will be background checked and certified through NFL Flag/USA Football and insured.  We take this seriously and we'll assist you in learning this great game, and provide you the tools to be successful and have the kids want to come back the following season. Local high-school athletes and leaders in each community will be involved with teams as assistants as well.  Look for more information prior to each session about this.  During registration, please indicate you have interest in coaching. You can also decide to help once the season gets underway 

Q: Does the League supply Uniforms?

A: Every flag football player (for Flag and Passing League) will receive an authentic NFL Flag reversible team jersey, and a flag belt (not 7-on-7).  They are really cool!  Other than that, the player comes prepared with a pair of shorts (we may provide these, check website for your session), cleats (encouraged) or athletic shoes.  Mouth guards will be required and we'll provide you a list of recommended items.  Flag Football should be a low cost of entry program and we'll leverage our great sponsor relationship to bring you value.  If you haven't already registered, do so and with your confirmation, Dick's Sporting Goods gives you a $20 off coupon just for joining our program.  Not to shabby!

Q: Do all flag football players need mouth pieces?

A: YES, this is Mandatory! All players must wear a mouth piece before stepping on the field.  

Q: What do I get for my Registration Fee?

A: Typical Winter sessions are 8 games.  Summer sessions and special leagues like Passing League can vary from 6-8 weeks.  Your fee includes pre-game practices, use of well groomed and potentially lighted fields and synthetic turf fields, certified officials, NFL reversible team jersey, (shorts in some sessions) flag belt and flags (not 7-on-7), interactive website, organized administration, and a lot of FUN for you and your child! 

Q: Are there playoffs?

A: Yes and No.  Some sessions will have playoffs.  Check your session registration for more information.
Throughout the season, the outcome of the games will not be emphasized, especially in seasons without playoffs. 
Summer programs will not have playoffs and run 6 weeks and will not have playoffs.

Q: What types of awards are given?

A: For sessions with playoffs, there will be an award/trophy or similar provided to the winning team in any given division.  No awards for participation for the kids or the relationships, the desire to improve, respect for others and a good amount of exercise outdoors with friends having fun!  The best award you could ask for!  

Q: How do I register?

A: Register your child online, right on our website in the upper right corner where the blue box reads "REGISTER".  If you don't have an account with us already, you will create an account by following the easy prompts.  Once the account is created and we have your player(s) info and parent info, you will be able to select from available OPEN sessions in your area.  It's pretty easy to work through and we'll support you if you have any questions.  You may be given different level options based on date-of-birth, but we encourage you to select the appropriate grade-level.  Then, a few questions that help us organize teams, pay with a credit card and you'll get a confirmation of account set-up and/or registration with receipt. You will need to carefully follow the instructions on the receipt to complete registration with NFL Flag and USA Football in order to get extra insurance and access to amazing information--- PLUS, the cool NFL Jersey!

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: After you register, you have 14 days prior to the session opening to request a refund.   Any questions, please email us!

Send your request to: [email protected] to make your request.  

Please reference your order number from your confirmation email receipt. You will be accessed a $25 cancellation fee AND will forfeit your child’s flags and jersey. Processing fees are non refundable. There will be no refunds issued after the deadline date above.


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